Timothy C. Maher, CPA

Finance Services

Often times a business owner has a great idea or concept for a new business but doesn't have the experience or skills to clearly express that idea in a format that communicates the critical information to potential investors, partners and employees.  I have the ability to convert your ideas to a concise written business plan and to create the corresponding financial model to determine the strengths, weaknesses and ultimately the viability of your business.  Preparing these key tools before committing significant resources to your business will save you time and money in the long run by identifying key goals and allowing you to avoid mistakes that could derail your business.

The following services can be contracted for on an hourly or fixed fee basis and shaped to match your budget and timeframe.

      • Business Plans and Executive Summaries

      • Financial Forecasts and Budgets

      • PowerPoint Presentations

      • Revenue Models

      • Due Diligence Packages

      • Venture Capital

      • Angel Funding