Timothy C. Maher, CPA

Medicare and Insurance Billing  Consulting Services Several years ago my Father became ill and required extensive medical care.  For several months, while he was fighting his illness, a landslide of medical bills and statements arrived in the mail.  Although he was covered by Medicare and had supplemental insurance through his former employer, many invoices declared a balance due.  My review of these bills uncovered many errors and often times the staff of the very company that sent out the bill did not understand what they were doing.  As a CPA I had to explain their incorrect bills to them and ensure that my Father was not held liable for amounts he did not owe.  In some cases, even though they are prohibited from doing so, many companies billed above the pre-negotiated rates and expected the patient to cover the excess.  When confronted with this practice they claim ignorance or state a mistake was made.  I can wade through these bills on your behalf and ensure you only pay what you are required to pay, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on recovery and good health.

      • Medicare Claims Filing

      • Medigap Claims Filing

      • Bills Payable Manifest

      • Interface with Providers

      • Payment Reconciliation

      • Dispute Resolution

      • Medicare Appeal Rights

      • Custom Filing System