Timothy C. Maher, CPA

Tax Services

I update my tax training on an annual basis and it is astonishing how our legislators continue to pass a growing myriad of complex and confusing tax rules.   I believe that if the legislators were required to read and be tested on these laws before they became law our tax codes would be much simpler. 

Until that day arrives I can steer you through the tax process and advise you on how to maximize the tax laws to your full advantage.  I subscribe to ProSeries Professional, a complete tax software package for businesses and individuals.  As an authorized e-filer with the IRS and the State of California I can electronically file your tax returns ensuring their timely filing and acceptance.  I also have access to specialized tax professionals that can be called upon when necessary.

      • Corporate Income Tax Returns

      • Partnership Tax Returns

      • Individual Tax Returns

      • Self-Employed

      • Payroll and Other Business Tax Returns

      • IRS and Franchise Tax Board Audits

      • Non-Profits